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We decided to be a little adventurous and put the news out that our first customer will receive their garment personally delivered by one of the owners.  Just our luck that our first costumer, Sara, lives in Berlin, Germany. Being the stand up guys we are, we had to stick to our words so to the airport we went. Along the way, we decided to take the opportunity to take a few iPhone snaps of new garments in different countries in Western Europe while on the way to Berlin. Well… let’s be honest… we just made a vacation out of it all. We touched Amsterdam-Netherlands, Paris-France, Brussels-Belgium, and of course Berlin-Germany.   Introducing not only the Sweatshirt purchased by Sara but the Heather Signature Hoodies, Heather 3/4 2-Toned Tees, Signature Dress, and signature Shoe String Hoodies. this is only the beginning folks we have much more in store for you guys. Thanks for the love Sara!!!!

Stay tuned and Rock Nothing But the best.

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