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The Birth Of Zero Fucks

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The Birth of Zero Fucks
November 19th I came up with this concept on my lunch break at work. I felt like there was so many nay-sayers in the world that one should simply not give a f*ck about opinions and should simply do what they want in like. They should give Zero F*cks. So I snapped the picture of my computer screen with my phone.


When I got home I started making mock up designs of the hoodie and t-shirt that I’m so super excited about. I tore my whole clothing website down and put the pic up on my site for the time being until I was ready to start working on this new thing I wanted to add. Well things got strange at my job shortly after.

I started to get treated pretty unfair. To be honest, unfair treatment was an every so often ththing that happened to me there and I pretty much did the best I could to avoid it contact with one of the superiors. Come to find out she (the superior) seen this on my site and thought I was putting up subliminal messages about the work place.  After a usual tongue lashing, I decided  then that I should take heed to my new idea and a quit my f*cking job to pursue my dreams.  Who wants to be subjected to being treated “less than”.  And… well… here we are… feel it … wear it…. be it… Zero F*cks!!! #BlingUniverCity







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